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We are an organic agricultural farm

Farmhouse Casa Rossi

The revaluation project


In 2016 our project of revaluation of this place begins and we reactivate the family agricultural farm. We start the first crops: Verna wheat, Senatore Cappelli wheat, and another small experimental sowing.

In 2019 we entrust ourselves to ICEA ( Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification). After careful visits to the farm and the decision about the cultivation program, in 2020 we begin the conversion period.

Starting in 2021 we become partners of the Cooperativa Agricola Iris Bio (Organic Agricultural Cooperative Iris). In our agritourism, you can find various food products.

Our crops

We have dedicated the period of conversion to the nourishment of our lands. Becoming an organic farm is an ethical choice. We believe in respecting the environment and dream of a better future for our planet. In March 2022 we become Organic and we give our productions to the Iris Cooperative, "Pioneer of Organic", whose philosophy and values we share.

Welcome basket with organic products

We have thought of a special welcome gift for our guests. There will be a basket with organic food products, personally chosen for you, ready to welcome you in the apartment.

Direct sale of organic products

Since 2021 you can buy our cooperative’s organic products directly in the structure. Discover the menu and message us to book your package. You can pick it up from us, but if you live far away we can send it to you.
From our farm

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In March 2022 we obtained the certification.

We have dedicated the two-year period 2020-2022 to the nourishment and enrichment of our soils. An important phase for our agricultural farm that thinks more and more in an ecological perspective.

We love our territory

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